4 Makeup Tips for a Brighter, More Attractive Smile – Centerport Dental

Are you going out and are afraid that your smile might not be looking its best? There isn’t time to whiten it, so what should you do? Fortunately, there are a few simple makeup tips that can help to make your teeth look whiter and brighter.

Keep Your Lips Soft

Exfoliated lips will look healthier than dry, flaky lips, so to keep your smile looking beautiful, invest in a simple lip scrubber. By using it on a regular basis, your lips will look smooth and healthy. Beautiful lips can draw attention to your smile.

Stay Away from Gold Tones

Choosing gold toned lip gloss and lipstick will make yellow and stained teeth look even worse. Even if your teeth are naturally white, these shades will lead to unattractive looking smiles. If you want your smile to look as white as possible, stick to pink shades. Neutral shades that will match the natural color of your lips are also good options.

Contour Your Cheeks

When it comes to makeup to create a brighter smile, you might be surprised to find that the lips aren’t the only part of your face that can help. Using bronzer to contour your cheeks will make your teeth look whiter. That’s because these warm tones will contrast to the white of your teeth, but there are a few options you’ll want to avoid. Bronzer with orange hues will pull out the yellow in your teeth, so stick to natural bronzers and creams.

Stick to Cool Tones for Your Eyes                                    

Cool-colored eye shadow and other makeup options can make your face look brighter, drawing attention to the whites of your eyes and teeth. Just make sure that your lips and eyes aren’t competing with each other.

If you are looking for a more attractive smile, contact our office today about your whitening options.

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