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5 Super-Cool Facts You Didn't Know About Invisalign™

If you want the benefits of a straight smile without the hassle of metal braces or rubber bands, you’re probably considering

Are you looking to make 2020 the year you finally get the straight smile you’ve been dreaming of? You’re in good company! 

Crooked teeth can cause dental complications, like infection or gingivitis, which threaten your overall health. In decades past, the only option for straightening your smile was a mouth full of metal. Thanks to InvisalignTM clear aligners, the road to straight teeth is far smoother.

At Centerport Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry located in Portland, Oregon, we understand the importance of a straighter smile. Benjamin Wang, DMD, an early adopter of Invisalign, has given hundreds of patients healthier, straighter teeth with this virtually invisible straightening system. 

If you want to make this year the year to finally get the smile of your dreams, read on to learn five super-cool facts you didn’t know about Invisalign!

5 super-cool facts you didn’t know about Invisalign

You already know Invisalign clear aligners are metal-free and removable, making them fit more easily into your lifestyle. But there’s more to Invisalign than meets the eye. Here are five super-cool facts you didn’t know about the world’s most popular clear aligners. 

1. Only Invisalign uses SmartTrack material

While they may look similar, not all clear dental aligners are created equal. Invisalign clear aligners are the only dental aligners created from patented SmartTrack® material. 

SmartTrack is made from a highly elastic material that is more comfortable than other alternatives and makes it easier to put on and take off your aligners. What’s more? SmartTrack was created to impart a gentle but constant force on your teeth, improving movement to the right location. 

2. Invisalign straightens teeth 50% faster

Invisalign’s one-piece, SmartTrack aligners help you get the smile you want, faster. With traditional braces, each tooth is forced to move individually. But with Invisalign’s one-piece system, all teeth receive constant force equally, helping your teeth move into place faster.  

3. 3D imaging makes Invisalign more accurate

Using the iTero Element® scanner from the makers of Invisalign, Dr. Wang creates an instant 3D image of your teeth to simulate the specific desired movements of each tooth at each stage of alignment. This cutting-edge technology ensures the most precise fit for the best results possible.  

4. Nearly invisible options for troublesome teeth

Some teeth need more help moving into position than others. With SmartForce® attachments from Invisalign, Dr. Wang can treat complex movements without braces. These tiny, barely visible attachments help the aligners apply the right amount of force to troublesome teeth so they move in the right direction.

5. Straighter teeth powered by 7 million smiles

Over 7 million people have already selected Invisalign to straighten their teeth. The data from these 7 million smiles have helped the makers of Invisalign perfect the algorithm for fast and effective straightening. The result? The Invisalign software, with input from Dr. Wang, helps ensure every tooth in your mouth moves optimally during your course of treatment. 

Ready to learn more about Invisalign?

If you’re ready for straighter teeth, Dr. Wang and our compassionate dental care team at Centerport Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry can help. To learn more about how Invisalign clear aligners can give you the smile of your dreams this year, contact our downtown Portland office and schedule your consultation today!

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