Baby Boomers and Oral Health Problems Go Hand in Hand

A few things Baby Boomers Need to Know about Oral Health include:

Dry Mouth and Baby Boomers

Dry mouth is a condition that can be exasperated by over the counter and prescription medications and prevents your salivary glands from doing what they are supposed to do. This minor but annoying condition can turn into a larger problem when it comes to oral health especially for Baby Boomers.

Because your mouth uses saliva to wash away food particles and bacteria, you will have a higher risk of cavities and gingivitis. An increase in bacteria and lack of saliva can also cause tooth infections.

Dry mouth isn’t normal when it comes to aging. If you are on medication, ask your doctor for a different med that doesn’t give you dry mouth. If the medication isn’t the issue, schedule an appointment with your primary care physician.

Oral Cancer and Baby Boomers

Smoking and oral cancer goes hand in hand, but so does age. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent aging, but you can survive oral cancer if you are diagnosed early enough.

Before oral cancer spreads, there is an 83 percent survival rate. However, once it spreads to other parts of your body, the survival rate drops to 38 percent. With regular oral cancer screenings, you can ensure early diagnosis and successful treatment.

Gum Disease and Other Overall Health Issues

If you follow my Centerport Dental Blog, you will know that the mouth and body are connected. Gum disease puts you in the high-risk category for stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

Schedule an appointment with my dental practice in Downtown Portland if you suspect gum disease. Gingivitis can be cured, however, periodontal disease cannot. Don’t let your gum disease get out of control.

Even if you aren’t part of the Baby Boomers group, taking care of your teeth at any age is important. Call or click and schedule an appointment with my dental practice in Downtown Portland.

Your overall health really does depend on it. Call for an appointment today.

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