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CEREC® a New Smile Before the New Year

Had you planned on a new smile in 2018, but the year got away from you? Schedule an appointment with my Downtown Portland Dental Practice and you can walk out of my office with a beautiful new grin in a single dental appointment.


Sound too good to be true? Read on, and you will discover that it is possible with revolutionary CEREC® CAD/Cam dentistry.

As a licensed and preferred Downtown Portland CEREC® provider, I can repair chips and cracks, change the color of your teeth or make them longer. With CEREC® same day crowns you can have a brand new smile in one dental visit.

What is CEREC®?

CEREC® is a system that allows my dental practice in Downtown Portland to customize cosmetic dental crowns. All you have to do is schedule an appointment for a consultation . Once you do you will walk out of my office with a brand new smile. CEREC® dental crowns are measured, made and fitted all in my dental practice using computer technology.

What Takes Place During My CEREC® Dental Appointment?

During your dental appointment, I will take CAD/CAM digital pictures and choose a color to match the rest of your smile. Once I am satisfied with the design and shade on the computer screen, I will send the pictures to the in house milling house for manufacture. During this time, which takes about 45 minutes, you are free to check your email. You can also review messages and social media pages or take a power nap if you like.

When your new dental crown is ready, I will check for fit and color before cementing in place. This all takes place in a single dental appointment.

You really can keep that promise to yourself with a new smile in a single dental appointment. Call or click and schedule a no obligation consultation with my Downtown Portland Dental Practice. The results will amaze you.

Call or click for a CEREC® appointment today.

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