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Cosmetic Dentistry and COVID-19: What You Should Know

When COVID-19 hit, we all took extreme measures to keep ourselves and our communities safe. Last March, Governor Kate Brown issued an executive order that put all elective medical and dental procedures on the back burner. But now that we know more about how the virus spreads and how to minimize the impact, the state of Oregon has released new guidelines that allow for some elective procedures, including cosmetic dentistry, although with limitations.

That’s good news for our patients at Centerport Family & Cosmetic Dentistry here in Portland, Oregon. Because, as Benjamin C. Wang, DMD, will tell you, most cosmetic procedures are actually necessary for your oral health as well, so the line between elective and nonelective treatments is often blurry.

Getting back to normal will take some time, and we want to err on the side of extreme caution to keep you and our staff safe and healthy. As we slowly reopen, here’s what you can expect from our team here at Centerport Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.

We comply with all state and federal guidelines

Governor Brown’s executive order banning all elective dental procedures has evolved, and now allows these treatments to be offered under certain circumstances. Rest assured that we stay abreast of all the changing requirements, restrictions, and guidelines surrounding COVID-19 — including those from the Oregon Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — and meticulously adhere to them.

Specifically, we’re:

Each precautionary step we take adds another layer of safety to every visit and every procedure.

Cosmetic treatments we offer

The rules and recommendations change almost daily, so if you’re interested in one of our cosmetic treatments, it’s best to call ahead to find out if we can perform the procedure. We offer a full spectrum of smile-improving treatments, including:

Whether you have a cracked or missing tooth or you’re looking to straighten your smile, each of these procedures often have health benefits as well as cosmetic benefits, because a full set of well-aligned teeth wards off gum disease, decay, bone loss, jaw pain, and tooth damage.

What if it’s an emergency?

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, we’ve got you covered. We still take the same precautions as we do for all procedures, but we have fewer restrictions and you move to the front of the line.

What are dental emergencies? 

Whether you’ve been in an accident or have nerve, tooth, or tissue damage, we can help immediately.

See Dr. Wang from your home

If you’re unsure about whether your dental needs constitute an emergency or are considered elective or necessary procedures, we can answer all your questions with a video visit.

This personal and private consultation allows you to confer with Dr. Wang from the comfort of your own home using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. It’s even covered by insurance and free for first-time emergency consultations.

If you have your hopes set on getting veneers or Invisalign® but aren’t sure if it’s safe yet, contact our office by phone or email to find out when you can start your cosmetic treatment. 

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