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Custom Made Mouthguards are The Best of the Three

Custom Made Mouthguards are the best defense against mouth injuries and if you and your family play sports during the spring and summer like my family does, a custom made mouth protector will keep you on the playing field, and out of the emergency room.

According to the American Dental Association, thousands of mouth injuries may have been avoided had the athlete worn a custom made mouthguard.

Although there are three types of mouth protectors available, I recommend custom made mouthguards as they are specially designed to fit your mouth and your mouth only.

Types of Mouthguards:

1. Standard
2. Boil and Bite
3. Custom Made

Standard-Conventional mouthguards are a one size fits all solution that may provide some protection against mouth injuries, but won’t be as effective. Because conventional mouth protectors, that are available from you local pharmacy or sports store, make it difficult to talk and even breathe they are often left in the locker or gym bag.

Boil and Bite-These types of mouth protectors are also available at your local sports store or pharmacy, and although boil and bite mouthguards are molded to your teeth after you place them in warm water, they can be just as uncomfortable as standard mouth protectors.

Custom Made Mouthguards-Custom Made Mouthguards offer the best protection against mouth injuries. My dental practice in Downtown Portland can custom make a mouth protector for you and your family, and although you may spend a bit more up front than you would for the other two types of mouthguards available, you will save in the long run. A custom made mouthguard is much more affordable than an unexpected trip to the ER.

If you would like more information regarding custom made mouthguards, call, or click and schedule an appointment with my dental practice in Downtown Portland.

Spring is nearly here and you want to be prepared with custom made mouthguards. Call or click today.

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