Dental Checkups for Kids Starting Now

I tell my patients I understand how busy life can get at this time of the year, but that regular dental checkups are imperative for growing kids. The new clothes and school supplies may have been taken care of a couple of months ago, but if you missed a dental appointment, your checklist isn’t complete. My Downtown Portland Dental Practice can change that. 


Below are some tips to keep your kids teeth healthy all year round.

Dental Checkups for Kids and the Family

As I stressed above, it’s important that you start the school year off right. If you missed scheduling appointments for the family for dental checkups and dental cleanings, it isn’t too late. With regular dental treatments, such as dental sealants and fluoride treatments, you can prevent decay. Over one third of children miss a day or more of school because of oral health issues.

Choose Healthy Snacks as well as Dental Checkups

Although applesauce is portable and practical, it is loaded with added sugar. Coupled with the natural sugar, you are promoting tooth decay. Try cottage cheese instead and throw in some blueberries, sliced bananas or strawberries.

Real Fruit Instead of the Other Stuff

Fruit leathers, roll ups and other fruit snacks may be popular with your kids, but I don’t care much for them. The sticky snacks encourage plaque and sticks to the crevices in the back of the teeth. Pack up apple, banana, and strawberry slices or throw in some mandarin oranges, grapes, or cherries.

Make it Fun to Brush and Floss for Great Dental Checkups

Just like everyone else, kids need to brush twice and floss once each day. Try these fun activities to encourage your kids to brush.

Stickers-Kids love stickers. Create a sticker calendar and use stickers to reward your kids for brushing and flossing.

Play Music-Collect songs that are two minutes long and play when your kids brush. This will make the time go quickly.

Personalize-Help your kids pick their own themed toothbrush. Choose their beloved cartoon characters or favorite colors.

Floss Holder-Get your kids a Y-shaped device that makes it easier and more comfortable for them to floss.

Keep you and your family’s teeth and gums healthy with regular dental checkups. My Dental Practice in Downtown Portland is waiting.

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