Detect Acid Reflux with a Comprehensive Dental Exam

Your dentist in Portland may be able to determine if you suffer from acid reflux with a dental checkup.

Quite a few of my patients complain about stomach disorders. What I’ve told them is that a dental checkup with my Downtown Portland Dental Practice is one of the best ways to determine if you have acid reflux.

How Can I Tell if You Have Acid Reflux?

GERD occurs when your esophageal sphincter, the muscular tube that separates your esophagus from your stomach leaks acid into your stomach. Acid Reflux sometimes cause heartburn symptoms, however, you will not always have signs. One of the first indications is enamel erosion, especially on the backsides of the teeth and the molars.

Acids in your stomach loves enamel and will cause a pattern of loss, especially on the back teeth. I will be able to tell if you are suffering from GERD by the amount of enamel that you have lost.

What Can Be Done if I Have Acid Reflux?

Once you have lost the enamel on your teeth, it is permanent and there is nothing that you can do about it. Enamel is the protective outer layer that covers the dentin and pulp in your teeth. GERD can cause other damage to your gums and esophagus. People with acid reflux have a higher risk of esophageal cancer as well.

Regular comprehensive oral examinations with my Downtown Portland Dental Practice are imperative, as early detection is the key to fighting any disease. I tell my patients that over 90 percent of systemic diseases can be detected with a comprehensive dental examination.

Preventing GERD

You can lower your risk by limiting your food intake. Eat small meals and stay in an upright position when you consume. Quit smoking and drinking. Try changing your diet and avoid foods that trigger acid reflux such as garlic, citrus, tomatoes, onions, coffee and any foods that are high in fat, acidic or spicy. Try losing weight, especially if you carry it around your mid-section.

If you haven’t scheduled a comprehensive dental appointment in Downtown Portland, call my office today. An appointment could help determine if you are suffering from acid reflux or most other health issues.

Call for a comprehensive dental checkup to determine if you have acid reflux today.

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