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Gum Disease Can Cause Serious Health Complications

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, but can also cause other health problems. Good oral hygiene is imperative for a healthy mouth and a healthy body, however, most people have no idea how dangerous gingivitis, and the more serious periodontal disease can actually be.

What is Plaque?

Plaque, that sticky film that builds up on teeth and inflames your gums, can threaten your overall health with more researchers finding a link between mouth inflammation and other problems that include dementia, heart congestion, stroke, and diabetes. Without proper oral hygiene, that includes brushing twice and flossing once each day along with regular dental checkups and a healthy diet, you could be at risk for a heart attack.

Plaque is caused from food particles. When you drink and eat, bacteria forms releasing acid that attacks the enamel on your teeth. Because the plaque is sticky, it keeps the acid in constant contact with your teeth breaking down the enamel leading to tooth decay and gum disease, as the plaque will form pockets between your teeth and gums. This allows for bacteria to form, which will eat away at the gum line eventually causing tooth loss.

So What’s The Link?

Although scientists are not exactly sure what the link is between gum disease and overall health, the consensus is that oral bacteria travels through the blood stream. Most researchers agree that inflammation is the key. Periodontal disease can actually increase inflammation throughout the entire body. Inflammation is one of the underlying problems when it comes to rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease. Bacteria can stick to your arteries and cause blood clots. Some of the problems that have been linked to gum disease include:

• Dementia
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Premature birth
• Low weight in newborn babies
• Diabetes
• Stroke
• Heart disease
• Heart attack

Regular checkups with my dental practice in Downtown Portland can help prevent gum disease and other problems that may be associated with gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Don’t let gum disease happen to you. Call or click and schedule an appointment with my Downtown Portland dental practice today.

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