Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Tooth

Root canal therapy is one of the biggest fears that most patients have, but in reality, root canal therapy is about as uncomfortable as a simple filling.

Why Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

As a Portland dentist, I recommend root canal therapy to save the tooth. If you have an infection, the nerves, tissue, and blood vessels in the tooth are either badly damaged or dead. The pulp needs to be removed to eliminate pain and to get rid of the infection. You may need a root canal if you have a deep cavity or have been ignoring that nagging toothache.

Possible Symptoms

The most common sign that you may need root canal therapy is pain, however, not all of my patients experience pain. If you are in pain, it can be mild or severe, intensifying or lessening throughout the day or night. It may also be worse when you bite or chew. Sensitivity to hot and cold could also be a sign that you need root canal therapy. Tender, swollen, and red gums may also be an issue near the tooth that is infected.

Even if you aren’t in pain, but suspect that something isn’t right, it is vital that you schedule an appointment with my Centerport Dental Practice in Portland. Leaving an infected tooth to its own devices can lead to a serious abscess that can cause other health problems, even death.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

If I recommend a root canal after a thorough examination, a rubber dam or sheet will be placed to keep the infected tooth dry. Once protected you will be given an anesthetic to lessen the discomfort.

When you are numb, the roots of the tooth will be cleaned by removing the contents of the roots or the pulp, which contains blood vessels, tissue, and nerves.

A disinfectant of medication will be placed into the roots before the tooth is sealed to prevent further infection.

Depending on the severity of the infection, I may or may not decide to place a temporary crown.

If further medication isn’t needed, I will seal the roots and place a permanent crown over the top of the tooth.

Root canal therapy can save your tooth, and if you feel that something just isn’t right, call or click and schedule and appointment with my dental practice in Portland. It really can save your tooth.

Call or click today.

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