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Do I Need A Temporary Prosthesis After My Full Mouth Dental Implants Are Placed?

Full-mouth dental implants in Portland, OR, are a gold standard tooth replacement option for many reasons. With full-mouth dental implants, patients get a full arch of natural-looking new teeth that let them chew and speak comfortably. Right after their full-mouth dental implant procedure, many patients may wonder if they will have a full arch of aesthetically pleasing and functional new teeth.

Luckily, a temporary prosthesis can be placed right after the patient’s full-mouth dental implant procedure, giving them a functioning and aesthetically pleasing new smile right away.


Why Do I Need A Temporary Prosthesis After My Full Mouth Dental Implants Are Placed?

After the four or more dental implant posts are accurately placed during the patient’s surgery for full mouth dental implants in Portland, OR, the doctor can securely place the temporary prosthesis. The temporary prosthesis is made from acrylic (PMMA) material, so it sits lightly on the patients newly placed full mouth dental implant posts. The following are the reasons why people will need a temporary prosthesis right after their full mouth dental implant procedure:

  • The temporary prosthesis is custom designed for each patient’s specific smile
  • Patients get an aesthetically pleasing full arch of new teeth
  • A normal diet can be resumed
  • The four or more dental implants will hold the temporary prosthesis securely in place
  • Patients can go back to living their life normally
  • A temporary prosthesis gives patients a new smile in one day


Come To Our Office For Your Full Mouth Dental Implants In Portland, OR

When you replace your full arch of missing teeth with full mouth dental implants, then you can look forward to getting a new smile in one day. You can have a new smile in one day with full mouth dental implants because of the temporary prosthesis. Why wait to improve the look and function of your smile with us? Get in contact with our doctor, Dr. Benjamin Wang, at our dental office to schedule an appointment today!