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That Nagging Toothache Could Be Serious

That nagging toothache could be the sign of something more serious. Even if you don’t notice anything out of the ordinary on that back molar, something could be lurking under your seemingly healthy silver amalgam filling that could be causing you pain.

A nagging toothache doesn’t usually go away on its own. Unless you have a piece of food stuck in between your teeth or have sensitivity to hot and cold, your toothache could be tooth decay. Leaving a cavity untreated could lead to an infection or a dangerous abscess.

I always tell my patients that any pain, including a nagging toothache, is a sign that something isn’t quite right with your teeth and gums. You may not have a cavity, however, gum disease, such as gingivitis or periodontitis could also cause you pain.

Gum disease is at the top of the list when it comes to tooth loss. If you have infected gums, pockets of pus could be accumulating between your teeth and gums causing swelling and bleeding. If left untreated periodontal disease can cause loose teeth. Leave it to its own devices and you could lose the tooth.

Gum disease is usually caused by poor oral hygiene. If you allow food particles to accumulate it will convert to dangerous acids, which will eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Plaque is the precursor to tartar. Your dentist or a dental hygienist can only remove this hard substance.

Tooth pain could also be signaling something else. When you schedule a comprehensive dental exam with our dental practice in Downtown Portland, you can be assured that an oral cancer screening will be conducted. If any pain, a nagging toothache or abnormalities are discovered a biopsy may be taken for further examination.

Ignoring that nagging toothache can lead to serious complications. Don’t let it happen to you. Call or click and schedule an appointment with Centerport Dental. It may not be serious, but why take the chance?

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