Tips for a Not so Pretty Smile in Pictures

A pretty smile exudes confidence. When you smile, you are making an instant connection with the people around you. Smiling makes you appear confident, even if you aren’t feeling so hot. I, like studies have shown, believe that smiling, even if it is a fake pretty smile, can make you happier. As wonderful as this sounds, not everyone has a grin that they are confident about.

Why People Don’t Smile

Chipped and cracked teeth, old dental restorations, discolored root canals, old silver amalgam fillings, and staining are just a few reasons people may not feel like smiling. People who have missing teeth or teeth that are misaligned may also be reluctant to flash a smile.

I tell my Downtown Portland Dental patients that smiling has many benefits and if they are unable to get to my office for dental restoration work, there are some things they can do in the meantime to look great in photos.

It’s easy to be photogenic while smiling, even if your teeth aren’t up to the task. Try these tips the next time you are in front of a lens.

Head Tilt

Those celebrities on the red carpet don’t tilt their head for nothing. Head tilting, such as lowering or raising your head a bit, can change the visibility of your teeth. Raising your head will make your small smile look brighter and bigger.

Put Your Upper Teeth on Show

If your lower teeth are of a concern, I recommend that my patients cover their lower teeth with their lower lip. Smiles that reveal just the top teeth have an intriguing and charm about them. If your teeth are crooked, ask about clear braces from your cosmetic dentist.

Stand up Straight

Body language, including posture, plays a big role in smiling. When you stand up tall and proud you are showing people you are happy and confident. Slouching will only make your less than appealing smile stand out more.

Lipstick is Your Friend

Okay, so I don’t advise my male patients to apply a deep bright shade of lipstick, but lipstick really is a woman’s secret weapon. Whatever the color, it will take the emphasis off your teeth.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even celebrities practice the picture perfect smile. When you spend a few minutes in front of the mirror, you can find the perfect smile to show off your best assets, even if those assets aren’t your teeth.

If you aren’t happy with your smile and are tired of trying to hide it, even though these tips are great, call or click and schedule an appointment with my dental practice in Downtown Portland. After your smile makeover, you won’t have to pull any tricks to pull off the perfect pretty smile.

Call for a pretty smile appointment today.

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