Dental Bonding in Portland, OR

Dental bonding is a special procedure used to bond a special material to the teeth. When put in place, the bonding can serve as a protective covering for damaged areas or a cosmetic enhancement that helps to improve the patient’s smile. It’s among the fastest and least expensive dental procedures, which has made it a very popular choice for smaller fixes.

When is Dental Bonding an Option?

Dental bonding is often considered in many different circumstances. Among the most popular are:

Minor Damage:

Smaller cavities are often filled by a composite-type resin, as are chips and cracks in the tooth. These problems rarely need a crown or another expensive fix, and the affordable patch job provided by dental bonding is usually a good option.

Cosmetic Enhancement:

If teeth have been stained or discolored, then dental bonding may be used to essentially “paint” a better layer over the tooth.


Dental bonding is also an option if the goal is to increase the size of the tooth. It may be necessary to add to the length of the tooth, close the gaps with other teeth, or otherwise make it bulkier, but the goal is the same: adding to the volume of the tooth.


If an important part of the tooth (such as the root) has been exposed, then dental bonding can provide a defensive layer that protects the vulnerable area from bacteria, debris, and other oral issues.

When is Dental Bonding Not an Option?

In some cases, dental bonding is not a good choice as a corrective procedure. Only your dentist can determine for sure whether or not this is the case, but the following are some examples of when another procedure may be suggested.

Severe Damage:

If the tooth in question has been badly damaged (most often due to injury, but particularly large cavities may also be a cause), then dental bonding may be too small of a fix to properly restore the tooth.

Root Problems:

If the root of your tooth is damaged or diseased, then it may not be possible to save the tooth.

How Long Will A Dental Bond Last?

The duration of the bond will vary significantly, but is based on two major factors:

The material used and the location of the bond. Stronger bond materials will generally last longer, while bonds in areas that usually take a lot of damage (such as the contact points for teeth) will wear out sooner. The average bond will last between three and ten years before some form of maintenance is needed.

How Affordable Is A Dental Bond?

As mentioned above, dental bonds are among the most affordable dental procedures available. Procedures will rarely exceed $400 for any single bond, and may drop to as low as $100 if a small bond is all that’s necessary. Maintenance will add to the cost of the bond over time, but you can expect that the costs associated with keeping the bond in good condition will be minimal. Be sure to check with your insurance company about whether or not Dental Bonds are covered on your plan.

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