A Reliable Solution for Major Dental Problems 

Revolutionizing 21st century dental technology, CEREC® is the modern way to a brand new you in a single dental appointment. With CEREC®, you can walk into  the office with an unhappy smile and walk out with a dazzling grin that will turn heads.


Can I benefit from CEREC®?

Absolutely! CEREC® can help anyone who needs an inlay, onlay, crown, bridge or even veneers. It takes only minutes to get accurate and detailed images of your teeth.


What should I expect from a CEREC® dentist?

CEREC® takes only minutes to obtain digital images. Dr. Wang and his team will then use CEREC®’s CAD/CAM technology to virtually design a restoration. The amount of time this takes depends complexity of your restoration, but in most cases you will have your crown on the same day.


What are the long-term results with CEREC®?

Though exact experiences vary from patient to patient, you can expect a crown produced using CEREC® technology to last you many years so long as you use good oral hygiene and are not grinding your teeth.


How It Works

At Centerport Family and Implant Dentistry, we have the CEREC®system for computer aided designing and manufacture of dental restoration and appliances. First, we will make a digital impression of dentition is made, which is then fed into the CAD system. Our dentists will then design an optimal prosthesis while considering all the essential factors such as your bite and existing dentition. Next, the digital design of the prosthesis is then fed into a milling machine or a CAD system, which then mills the prosthesis exactly according to the prepared design. Thanks to the CEREC® system, highly esthetic, optimally designed and long lasting ceramic prostheses can be prepared at the dental chairside within a few minutes!

Patient Benefits of CEREC

We understand your time is valuable and that is why we specialize in the CEREC® system. Dr. Wang designs dental crowns to mimic the look and feel of a natural tooth using state of the art materials to create crowns in a single visit to our Portland dental office.

Whether your teeth are damaged by excessive wear, an accident, deterioration of old fillings, decay, or disease, please contact us today to see how Dr. Wand and his team can restore your teeth with a porcelain dental crown that blends seamlessly with your surrounding natural teeth!

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