Teeth Cleaning



The Essential Component of Your Dentist Visit


Maintaining optimal levels of dental hygiene is an important part of Dr. Ben’s dental practice and it all starts with clean teeth! Even when you brush and floss faithfully after every meal, tartar and plaque can build up on your teeth, particularly along the gum line, between teeth, and in other hard-to-reach places. This is why it is so important to schedule regular dental visits.


During your appointment, our dental hygienist will carefully clean and polish your teeth, which will eliminate harmful bacteria that will cause periodontal disease. We will then examine every tooth, look for cavities, weak spots, and failing previous restorations, that require care. If we can catch these problem spots early, we can provide minor, instead of complex, restorations which will help prevent further damage.




Most dentists recommend a cleaning at least twice a year, though your dentist may recommend more frequent cleanings if you have a history of oral-related disease. Patients with a history of diabetes and heart disease are also encouraged to get more cleanings done since gum disease has been linked to these chronic conditions. Smokers and tobacco chewers may also be advised to have their teeth cleaned more often as the tar can cause stained teeth and other gum health issues.

Tartar and plaque buildup happens to everyone, and if you aren’t diligent about brushing and flossing, you could be asking for problems. It is important to schedule twice-yearly professional dental cleanings with Centerport Dental who will clean, polish and examine your teeth to let Dr. Wang know if there are any issues including cavities or gum disease.

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