Why Do I Need One?


Retainers are important and needed to limit and control any changes that may occur in tooth positioning. Retainers are used by orthodontists and dentists after wire and bracket treatment to keep the teeth in proper alignment while the muscles, bone and gums adjust to your new smile.




Removable Retainers

This type of oral appliance includes a wire that is made to surround your front teeth. The wire is attached to an arch made of acrylic that rests on the roof of your mouth. The wires are sometimes adjusted by your dentist to complete your orthodontic treatment.

Aligner-Style Retainers

These types of retainers, also called Essix retainers are more aesthetic than traditional retainers are and look like clear braces. The clear retainer can be made to fit on your entire arch, or made as a clip on retainer that fits from canine tooth to canine tooth.

Fixed Retainers

Fixed Retainers-These types of retainers are also custom made and are bonded behind the top and/or bottom of your teeth. Although this oral appliance is usually only prescribed for no more than 12 months, some patients keep it in place for the rest of their lives.



If you do not wear your retainer, your beautiful smile will gradually move back to its original position. This is quite common in patients who have completed orthodontic treatment because they just couldn’t be bothered. However, it is easily avoided if you wear your retainer as directed by your dentist. Vivera retainers from Centerport Dental in Downtown Portland keep your smile in position.

If you would like more information regarding retainers or any other type of oral appliance therapy, call or click and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ben Wang from Centerport Dental.

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