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Are you one of those people whose tooth is severely damaged due to tooth decay or your tooth is broken thus making you uncomfortable in smiling in the open? Dental crowns help you in getting your lost smile back. In case of broken teeth, crowns help you hold together parts of the broken tooth.

A tooth is divided into two main parts, the root and the crown. The root of a tooth is the part covered by the gums and is not seen in the mouth. The part of a tooth that is visible in the mouth is called the clinical crown. Dental crowns are permanent caps that cover the tooth to help you restore the size and shape of your tooth. This finally helps in improving the appearance of your tooth. Following are some situations, where dental crowns are very useful:

  1. In case of a weak tooth that is about to break, dental crowns hold together all the parts of your tooth and prevent them from falling down.
  2. In case you have teeth that have lost their color, dental crowns help you cover them up.
  3. A dental crown is also useful in saving the tooth of a child that has already been damaged by decay and it cannot stop a filling anymore.

The process of getting a dental crown is as follows: The dentist will first analyze your tooth to find out if you need to go through a root canal treatment or may build a foundation to support the dental crown. This is done to reduce the risk of infections or injuries to the tooth.

The dentist then removes some tooth to make space for the crown. In case you have chosen an all-metal crown, then the dentist will have to remove less tooth. Now comes the interesting part of this process – making it permanent. The dentist uses a chord to first push the gum away from the tooth. He then uses a rubber material to create a copy of the tooth (actual tooth as well as the tooth below or above it).

These impressions are then sent to the lab based on which the temporary dental crowns are created. If your dentist uses the traditional approach, then two visits are required to create the permanent crown. During the first visit, the temporary crown is placed and then during the second visit, the permanent crown is placed.

In case your dentist uses the more modern approach using the CAD-CAM unit which means CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), he can prepare your dental crowns in just one visit. The CAD-CAM unit is a computer. The dentist will first take three dimensional images of the prepared tooth and then feed them into the computer, which in turn creates the dental crowns of the exact measures using a block of porcelain. The dentist then places the crown on your teeth.

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