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Dentures are removable oral appliances for missing teeth. These replacements can be either partial or complete. Partial dentures are used when some of the original teeth remain, and complete dentures are used for when all of the natural teeth are missing. It’s up to the patient whether or not they want a conventional complete denture or an immediate one. Conventional dentures are made after the teeth are removed and the gums have healed. Typically, these dentures are ready for placement within 12 weeks. On the flip side, immediate dentures are place and positioned right after extraction. While it prevents the embarrassment of having no teeth for a while, immediate dentures often require more adjustments. This is because the gums and bones shrink over time. Generally, immediate dentures should only be used until conventional dentures are ready for final placement.

Also known as bridges, partial dentures consist of several teeth with metal framework and gum-colored bases. A permanent partial denture requires crowns on the surrounding teeth of the missing ones and is cemented into place. Precision partial dentures have internal attachments and are removable. Generally, precision partial dentures have a more natural look. In addition to filling in the empty spaces, these appliances help prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting.

The whole denture development process takes about five weeks with several dental appointments. Dentists make a series of oral impressions and take measurements of the jaw. Models are created to simulate the final denture, and patients try them on for fit. The dentist will access fit, shape and color. Typically, the impressions are sent to a dental lab for fine fabrication.

Although new dentures may feel loose or strange for several weeks, the muscles of the cheeks and tongue eventually adjust. During this time, it’s not uncommon to feel some minor irritation. Eating with new dentures takes a little time. It’s best to start out with small and soft foods. Once you’re adjusted, you can slowly return to your regular foods. Often, people are worried about how dentures will make them look. With a good dentist, you can have an award-winning smile that is natural looking. You’ll be the only one who knows you’ve got dentures.

It’s not uncommon for a dentist to recommend wearing a new denture 24/7 for the first several days. This will help identify areas of the appliance that may need adjustment. Once the adjustments are made, dentures should be removed before hitting the sack. This time-off period allows a cleansing by the tongue and the gum tissues to rest. Once you’ve replaced the denture in the morning, you can use a denture adhesive to enhance stability, retention and a sense of security.

Dental implants are an alternative choice to dentures, however, it is not a cost-effective solution. Dental implants are much more expensive than dentures. In addition, some people are not good candidates for dental implants. Most dental health insurance providers cover either some or all of the cost for dentures. Every policy differs, and you’ll have to check your individual plan.

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