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Tooth extractions may be necessary in a wide array of circumstances. The tooth may be abscessed so severely that there is no other alternative. In this situation, removing the tooth will prevent the infection from spreading to other areas. If a tooth is poorly decayed, extraction may be the only alternative. Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of people jaw pain and headaches and are commonly extracted due to these reasons. It’s often common to extract teeth for orthodontic work. There may be teeth that are just plain crowding the mouth, and extraction is the solution for adding more room for other teeth. Often, people have tooth extractions for a bridge or denture to be made.

Dentists use a variety of methods for tooth extraction. Some will give a local anesthetic to numb the area. Others will use a general anesthetic that puts you to sleep during the procedure. Today, conscious sedation is popular in the dental industry. Patients take a pill about an hour before the extraction and remember nothing about the procedure. Some upscale dental offices offer music and ceiling video displays while you’re lulled to sleep in a massaging chair with conscious sedation.

Depending on the tooth extraction, sometimes sutures are used to close the opening. Some stitches dissolve themselves, while others need to be removed. If bleeding does occur after the extraction, biting down gently on a cotton gauze pad typically helps stops the bleeding. Typically, recovery just takes a few days. To help ease any pain, an oral surgeon or dentist may prescribed painkillers, such as Tylenol mixed with codeine. To reduce swelling and minor pain, rinsing the mouth with warm salt water several times a day usually helps. After a tooth extraction, it’s best to just eat soft foods like thin soups, puddings and gelatin. As the healing progresses, solid foods can be added to the diet. It’s also important to avoid rubbing the area with your tongue and to continue to brush your teeth regularly.

Sometimes, dental work can cause bacteria in the mouth to enter the bloodstream and cause infections in other areas of the body. Those who have a weakened immune system may require an antibiotic after a tooth extraction. This also includes people who were born with heart defects or have artificial heart valves. For most of the population, tooth extraction is risk-free.

If you’re having a surgical tooth removal, your dentist will likely advise you to stop eating and drinking at least eight hours before the procedure. With general anesthesia and conscious sedation, it will be required that someone accompany you home. Before a tooth extraction, your dentist will provide you with all of the necessary guidelines. It’s not uncommon for those facing a tooth extraction to get nervous before the procedure. With a good dentist and dental team, there’s no need to worry. These professionals are highly trained and certified in tooth extraction procedures and will monitor you carefully. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way home.

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