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Cavities in teeth are formed when the hard surfaces are worn away by a bacterial infection and develop holes. Unfortunately, there is no known way to actually regenerate teeth; when damage past a certain point is done, it tends to be permanent. In addition to the direct problems associated with the teeth, cavities can also cause bad breath and a foul taste on the inside of the mouth. In extreme, untreated cases, the infection can spread from the tooth and into the surrounding tissue, where it may ultimately become life-threatening.

On the bright side, cavities are very easy to treat. Most of them can be prevented through a proper regimen of brushing and flossing; using the brush to strike the gum line will help make the gums tougher and more resistant to disease, while the flossing will get rid of food material anywhere that can actually be reached. If this fails (or is not performed), a filling is usually the treatment of choice.

During the filling process, the tooth will be ground down until the entire infected region is gone. The larger hole will then be filled with one of a variety of substances, but did you know that the location of the tooth has a major effect on the recommendation you’ll be given? It’s true! Our goal is to help you retain the best possible smile, and that means avoiding any non-white substances if the filling will appear in your overall smile.

Despite the drilling, however, care is taken to leave the primary structure of the tooth intact. It’s important to completely eliminate the cavity and infected areas, but at the same time, it won’t help very much if the tooth itself is compromised and weakened. Fillings are much more complicated than you may have ever thought.

Now that you know a little more about dental fillings, let’s talk about the other things you might want to know before you come in.

If you’re just setting out on your own, we’re happy to inform you that dental insurance tends to be very affordable. Fillings are one of the most common treatments performed (outside of actual office visits), and so they’re covered by just about any dental plan that exists. In fact, one way to decide on insurance is basing it on how often you get cavities and fillings; if you rarely have problems with your mouth, it may be more affordable to pay a lower premium and accept a higher individual price for the treatment on the rare occasions you need it.

However, dental fillings are not the only solution that may be recommended. Cavities can occur even in places that brushing and flossing cannot reach, and in rare circumstances, treatment like tooth extraction and replacement may be the only proper course of action.

Fillings can be intimidating, but don’t worry – they really will help your smile.

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