Root Canal Treatment in Portland, OR

Root canal or endodontic therapy is a procedure done by the dentist to save a tooth. It is the treatment of choice when a tooth is infected or badly decayed. Root canals are performed when the pulp or the soft tissue part inside your teeth that contains connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves becomes diseased or inflamed. During the process, your dentist will remove the problematic pulp, clean the chamber where the pulp was located, and seal it.

Saving your tooth or teeth through root canals offers several advantages such as normal sensation and biting force, natural smile, efficient chewing, and also protects the teeth from unusual strain and wear.

Root Canal Procedure

While a lot of people worry about root canals as a painful dental procedure, patients who had it done report that it just feels like a routine tooth filling. What is more painful is the agony experienced by the patients who tend to delay his or her dental consult. The procedure is pretty much painless.

To prepare the tooth for a root canal, your dentist will apply anesthesia around the decaying tooth. A tiny drill is then utilized to get to the pulp. The pulp is found in the center of the tooth down to your jaw bone. The infected pulp is removed using special dental tools. The created canal inside your tooth will be cleaned and disinfected to make sure that all bacteria are eliminated to prevent any infection from occurring. The tooth is then filled with a temporary material while a permanent crown can be placed to reseal the tooth. The dentist may prescribe some antibiotics to control any potential infection and may ask you to visit for a follow-up checkup or dental X-ray. After the root canal procedure, patients may feel some soreness in the area but normally, you will be able to return to your usual activities the following day.

Why Root Canals are Necessary

The pulp of the tooth and its nerves can be inflamed, infected, or irritated due to injury following a facial trauma, deep decay, a cracked tooth, or several dental procedures done on the same tooth.

If you are experiencing severe toothache when chewing food or just upon applying pressure to it, when you have teeth that are sensitive to cold or heat, or when you are noticing tooth discoloration then you might be a good candidate for root canals. With tooth decay, bacteria may penetrate the pulp and get to the roots of the tooth, which can become painful and be saved only through root canal.

Other signs that you might need the procedure done include tenderness or swelling of the gums and a persistent pimple on the gum. These can be signs of abscess where pus accumulates in the area. Some patients report of a bad taste while others see pus oozing out from their gums. If left untreated, the infection may spread to the bones but there have also been cases of death because of a tooth abscess. Sometimes, one cannot see or feel any symptom until the infection inside the tooth worsens.

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