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Incomplete, vulnerable, or already damaged smiles aren’t conducive to our quality of life; you’re always thinking about your teeth. You may even have to modify your diet and speech patterns because of them. At Centerport Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry in Portland, Oregon, Benjamin Wang, DMD, and his team craft custom crowns and bridges that can fully restore your smile. If you’re interested in having a fully functional smile, thanks to crowns or bridges, call Centerport Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, or request an appointment online today.

Crowns and Bridges Q & A

What are crowns and bridges?

Crowns and bridges are dental prostheses that cover or replace damaged or missing teeth. These two dental prostheses are recommended for different purposes, but they have similar end goals of restoring your ability to bite, chew, and speak comfortably, without fear of further tooth damage. Their purposes are:


Crowns are fitted caps that go over teeth that can’t hold up to the forces of your bite by themselves. A tooth could be weak because of a fracture or decay, and a crown lets you use it normally by reinforcing the structure, think of it as a helmet for the tooth. You can also get crowns to fit over dental implant abutments or hold bridges in place. 


Dental bridges are fixed dental prostheses that are a great option for you if you’re missing one or several teeth next to each other. The dental bridges provided by the Centerport team include one or several false teeth to replace your missing teeth as well as two dental crowns that fit over your healthy teeth next to the gap. These crowns anchor the false tooth or teeth in place.

What are the benefits of getting crowns or bridges?

If you have missing, damaged, or fragile teeth, you have options: You can restore your smile with dental prostheses like crowns and bridges or leave your mouth as-is The Centerport team encourages you to consider these dental prostheses to fix your smile for several reasons, including:

  • Improving your smile’s appearance
  • Strengthening your bite
  • Preventing new or worsening tooth damage
  • Relieving the pain of a cracked or broken tooth
  • Preventing your other teeth from drifting into the gap

The dental team will inform you of the benefits you can enjoy from having a crown or bridge prosthesis in your individual case. 

How long does it take to get a crown or bridge?

At Centerport Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, Dr. Wang uses CEREC® technology to make your crowns or bridges the same day as your teeth are prepared for them. After Dr. Wang prepares your teeth for a crown, a digital scan is performed in place of the traditional impression to capture the details.  CEREC software then converts the digital scan into a 3-D model, which allows Dr. Wang to verify, design, and “print” a custom porcelain restoration that fits precisely and looks natural. 

Each CEREC crown or bridge is made entirely with monolithic porcelain, a durable material that has a toothlike transparency. They function and look better than traditional crowns and bridges made of porcelain and metal fused together. If you still have an older crown or bridge that doesn’t fit seamlessly among your other teeth, the Centerport team is happy to discuss replacement options for you that use the same day CEREC technology.

Call the office or click on the online scheduler to book a consultation for crowns or bridges at Centerport Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry today.