Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Portland, OR

In the past wisdom teeth were rarely removed unless they began to cause trouble or did not fit properly in the mouth. In current society wisdom teeth are extracted before they actually come in to prevent any potential future problems for existing teeth. While this practice has become a normal part of dental care for adults the concern is in the recent trend to remove the wisdom teeth of teenagers. Teenagers are subjected to a potentially risky procedure in order to remove wisdom teeth not yet causing them any trouble. Many dentists defend this practice finding wisdom teeth removal is essential to prevent potential, future dental problems.

Wisdom teeth not impacted or infected may not cause any problems but having the wisdom tooth surgery may be an unnecessary risk for the teen. According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons young patients should be given an option to have their wisdom teeth extracted or to have them monitored for potential future problems. Wisdom teeth should never be removed unless there is a reasonable possibility they will cause problems for the teen in the future.

While is there is some controversy over the extraction of wisdom teeth in teens there is also many benefits to this removal. Wisdom teeth are removed when they become infected or erupt in the mouth. Infected wisdom teeth are extremely painful and can cause swelling. In order to relieve the pain and to prevent future infections the dentist will recommend extracting the wisdom teeth. The procedure is performed in the dentist office and requires the use of an anesthesia to avoid pain during the procedure.

When teen’s wisdom teeth come in they can cause existing teeth to shift if there is not enough room in the mouth or if wisdom teeth do not come in straight. Cysts are another necessary reason to extract wisdom teeth. Cysts can form around the wisdom tooth requiring immediate extraction to prevent damage to the roots and bones.

Wisdom teeth provide very little benefit but not all people require having them extracted. Teens having their wisdom teeth extracted should not become a routine procedure for dentists, as with adults, but should only be performed when necessary. Preventative removal is one reason to remove the wisdom teeth of teens. Preventative removal may stop future shifting of the teeth caused when wisdom teeth come in especially if the teen has had expensive orthodontic work.

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